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India is a country with interesting traditions and a growing economy. The global import export data tells that India has become important in the world of trading because it exports many different things that are in demand across the global market.


Some of the things it exports are new technology and gadgets while others are agricultural goods or beautiful crafts that are handmade


The United States imports such items from India and people there really like them because they are of good quality and affordable.


India and the United States help each other by trading these things with each other. The relationship between India and USA is similar to that of a special friend where both countries benefit.


In this post we'll look at some of the items the USA imports from India


Here are a few items that USA imports from India


Leather Items


The important commodities that India exports to the USA are mostly leather goods. India has become the top-ranked exporter worldwide in the distribution of accessories or leather goods.

India's export data shows that the majority of the leather products that are exported from India to the USA include belts, pouches, purses, handbags, and a wide variety of other items.

Numerous gift items such as leather journals, bound notebooks, and key rings, are also in high demand on the global market.


Many businesses in India, both large and small are also constantly involved in exporting leather goods to the USA and countries.


Medical appliances


Chinese medical appliances are well-known worldwide and sold in greater variety & quality abroad. The import-export data shows that one of the biggest sectors of Indian exports to the United States is medicine.


The popular supplies include bandages, absorbent gauze, surgical caps made of crepe, sterile gloves and disposable surgical face masks.


 digital imaging software is an example of a unique appliance that has strong market position on the global market.


Frozen Flesh

Frozen items like frozen meat and flesh are in very high demand in the USA as it has a great taste which is making them so popular.


It includes various nonveg items like fish, pork, and prawns as well as rice varieties all of which have potential markets outside of the country.


India has an abundance of different fish species, including prawns.


Indian exporters work to maintain and retain the highest quality of meat exported from India through the reliable sale of their goods.


Agricultural products

 India exports a large number of items related to agriculture to the USA since the country's climate and geographic position make it easy for various types of vegetation to flourish there.


The United States of America desires agricultural items that are grown organically hence it is a big market for India to export agricultural products.


 Australia, France, Italy, Singapore, China, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia are major export markets for Indian producers.


India is the world's greatest producer and exporter of ginger and okra, which are followed by a variety of other agricultural goods like fruits and vegetables.


 Potatoes, cabbage, onions, tomatoes and many more are examples of vegetables. Bananas, mangoes, guavas and other fruits are examples of fruit.



India represents 15% of all textile exports because there is a sizable market there. Exports of textiles from India to the USA have been rising and the textile industry is moving in the direction of higher growth and success in other countries as well.


When opposed to exports local textile manufacturers produce their products at a lower cost. According to the global import-export data The most sought-after textile goods to export in the us and global market are silk and khadi.


Gems and precious metals


Gems and precious metals are the second-largest export from India to the USA in terms of dollar value; their combined market worth is over $40 billion.



The few things that are most frequently shipped to the USA include equipment parts for agricultural machinery, textile twister machinery, cement machinery and compressor machinery.

Checklist for Exporting to the USA from India


Indian products are in great demand in the US market. However, it is not possible to start exporting goods to India from the US right once. There are some things to bear in mind for the enterprise to be successful.


Before entering the market, one must do thorough market research on the majority of exported goods and USA import-export business circumstances.


The top exporters from India can locate suitable markets in the USA and increase sales by gaining knowledge on this front.


Before starting to export in the USA from India one must comprehend and abide by government regulations.


 Businesses may find themselves in a pickle in the middle of the smooth exporting from India journey if some conditions are too tough.


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